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Data Protection Group LLC (DPG) was formed to help protect private citizens and companies holding sensitive information through improved security and compliance procedures and strategic public policy initiatives.  Used properly, sensitive personally identifiable information helps America stay safe; criminals have alternative uses.


The information service-provider market is changing due to a large string of breaches in personal identifiable information about which consumers, the media and policy makers are justifiably concerned.


DPG provides a three-pronged approach to protect information providers and help consumers afford a level of safety:


  • Agitation: Security and compliance is an ever evolving field; most major improvements are the result of an “unfriendly” agitation—a breach.  DPG will be a “friendly agitator” attempting to breach its clients and report back on progress.  DPG’s team will try to gain access to client products and services using the same techniques as those with less than honorable intent.  Additionally, DPG’s clients share breach attempts in a pooled knowledge base, making for an advanced tool to aid clients with sensitive information.  DPG’s clients are the best prepared companies in the industry and the world.


  • Database: All clients share a list of known companies and individuals who have attempted fraudulently access.   The result, more secure customers and better protected consumers.  Had this list been in existence one year ago, many well publicized breaches could have been avoided.


Testing:  The information industry is extremely complex when it comes to data licensing.  Data sets are bought and sold at many different levels with diverse licensing rules.  Myriad small companies provide access to sensitive data without strict compliance procedures, if they have a compliance department at all.   Some of these companies may be either licensing bulk data from primary data resellers or using gateways.  Through Testing, client companies become watchdogs of their own customers—which are a lesser-known but still viable threat to consumer data.  


Data Protection Group helps consumers, its clients and attendant industries by applying years of industry knowledge and customer-supplied negative data to provide robust, ever-changing, solutions aiding security and compliance efforts.